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Customer Comments


Comments: Thank you for making 2005 my best year ever. I appreciate the superlative customer service you've given me, sometimes at a moments notice. Daphne

Just wanted to tell you how inpressed I was with your soap loaves. I ordered four loaves of the "Butterflies are Free" design to use as favors for a twins baby shower and was very impressed not only with the product, which was fabulous, but by your customer service and company overall. I really appreciated that you sliced the loaves for me at no extra charge and were willing to describe the scent and how the soap loaves were made. The favors were a huge hit at the shower and given that I was dealing with a bunch of jaded New Yorkers as guests, that's really saying something. I definitely plan to buy your products again. Sophia

Comments: I'm not having a problem, in fact, I'm thrilled with your wonderful service - each time I've ordered from you, the person I talked to was so helpful and pleasant. I'm getting ready to do my third craft show in a few weeks, selling soap slices for the first time, and I'm debating on just how to go about selling them. Would you have any advice to offer me? Should I take the whole loaf with me and then slice it there when someone buys a slice? Do loaves sell by the inch? Any of your expertise that you could share with me would be appreciated ever so much. Thanks SO much for your time - AND your wonderful company!!

Greetings Tony!
Why, oh why do I ever look anywhere else? You'd think I'd have learned by now that Soap Deli really is my one stop shopping place! I told you this was a long overdue note. :) I've been looking for labels, as it has become next year's goal to improve our packaging. I look all over then it dawns on me (ding!) Tony does labels! Sure just what I have been looking for. Awhile back I was looking for marketing ideas........alas! There it was right on your site. When will I learn? :)

Seriously though, this note can in no way express my grattitude for you and your staff there in how you have helped build our business. I can confidently say that we would not even be where we are today (and we still hope to grow much more!) if it had not been for your graciousness with us. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. (now don't make me cry here!) I again, just want to let you know how very much you have helped our family to continue in this home business avenue.

With 11 children and my husband serving in the military these have been trying times. But we feel that our children are getting a good foundation in economics, work ethics and good old fashion hard work paying off!

We hope to be able to see more of that as we grow. Thank you again. We will be coming to you very soon for some labels! :)Blessings from all of the Tubbs family!

Press On!

Thanks for the soap and the "0" invoice. That was much appreciated. Our three day show starts Thursday am. There are 26 houses with crafters and people come from all over this part of the country. We are ready (I hope) and if it goes as well as we plan - I'll be back on the phone Monday am - ordering and starting all over - who sez retirement is "restful" - You guys are great and your fast delivery sure helps.
Thanks again

Elaine & Heidi
The Wild Iris Soap Works

Comments: I have purchased lots of different products from your company lately. I have to tell you that the quality of your products far exceed my expectations. I have never been dissapointed with anything! I purchase quite a few items on the internet and have had some bad experiences in the past. I never have to worry about that with you. I'm glad to see that you care about your customers. One of your staff members even called me personally to ask if I would like to increase my order of Body Spash by a few gallons in order to get the quantity discount. I really appreciate the service I have received from your company. You have made a life long customer of Natural Bath Products of Arizona.

Lee Brown
Natural Bath Products of Arizona D.B.A.

Thank you for your incredibly speedy service!
I placed my order Monday morning and had everything in my hands Tuesday afternoon. It doesn't get any quicker than that!



Hi Folks!

I wanted to tell you that I received my soap base and fragrances today! Wow Wee! I had forgotten how great YOUR soap base was! I have ordered M&P base from other companies and although they were cheaper, they really were not good. You get what you pay for!

Also, I ordered a couple of fragrances from you. I can't tell you how many times I have been burned by companies promising 100% fragrances only to have them arrive smelling cheap and chemically.

I just got through using some of your ginger peach in some of my own CP soap that I hand milled and I know it is going to be one of my favorites! You know how scent triggers memory? Well, when I smelled it I was instantly taken back to the Summer of 1988. I was 15 and had just met my boyfriend Chris. ( 7 years later he became my husband!) Ahhhh, happy memories. Well enough mushy stuff.

I appreciate you all offering such great products and not misleading me in anyway.

Have a great evening!
Lindy Sellers


Comments: I LOVE your products. I have just for the first time this weekend tried making soap. It was GREAT!! The products were exactly what you said they would be and every thing worked perfectly. :)I sold over 20 bars my first day!! I have placed my second order today. I am hooked. :)

Melinda Hall
Mooreville Mississippi


I want to say I received my FO's today and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the blackberry! and the lime, pear glace, watermelon, and pineapple are just awesome! I am having a hard time finding a coconut that smells like tanning oil. I will be buying from you again! Thanks so much for the GREAT scents! You guys are awesome!

Ironwood, Mi


Hi'ya, Tony

I just got my order and I am soooooooooo excited! I'll be very busy making my test products this evening.

But I just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with your service, selection, and packaging! So mark me down as a repeat customer. I can't wait to get my products tested and to market. When MY sales start to soar, so will yours, because I will be back for more, more, more... Woo hoo!

Sandra Cassey
Coco Soko


Hi there,

I'm e-mailing you to tell you that I just got my order. Fantastic. Us Minnesotans are a speedy lot, aren't we? Everything looks great. Thank you so much, and I will be ordering from you again in the future.

Sue Heibel



I received a package from you today! There was a card inside saying that I was one of the winners in the customer appreciation giveaway. Thanks!! I received an email from UPS the other day saying that I package was shipped to me. I was a bit confused, since I hadn't ordered anything. I decided to sit tight until it arrived. I opened it up right away... my 5 yr. old son was also begging me to! I found some wonderful soap molds inside and a nice sample bottle of lufa gel. Thanks! It is really exciting to receive something like that! My boys were excited too! (even my hubby!). Thanks again! I do hope to purchase more things from you throughout the upcoming year!

Vicki Stirm


Way to go!

I just wanted to know how much I love your website and company. I order product and it's at my door within 2 days. It's so nice because I'm starting up a business and I don't have to wait weeks at a time to get new product. I'm so glad I found your website and plan to use it in the future, ALOT! Thanks Again!

Norwood, MN


Dear Soap Wizards,

I am sure you hear this all the time, but it is so nice that you send out emails for the sale items. Your website is very "user friendly" and I plan on doing all over my soap supply shopping with you! Thanks again!

Adrienne Longest


Received order today. Wow, was that quick! Product is GREAT. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Will definitely be ordering from you again.

Carol Ann Moore
Arden, NC



I love your MaxiCraft base! I use it all the time. I make soap
as a hobby. Everyone loves my soaps!

Deanna Parker of Lizette’s,
Mooresville NC



Tony, I would like to have labels made of the attached designs. I just made them in Microsoft Word 97 since I don't have any good graphics software but I think they look okay. I have reviewed the contents on the label to make sure I am conpliant with all regs. I sell the lotion and shower gel unscented and colored- the customer does that themselves. I empty square on the label is where the scent and color will be attached with a separate label if I scent it for them. Please let me know what the cost will be to print 30 of each label. I am just starting up this line so I want to see if it is successful before I plunge in too deep. For that reason, I really appreciate your service for us small crafters. I could never have this done through a conventional print shop.

Greg & Cindy Bee



My order arrived safely today. Thanks once again for such great customer service. I don't care if my soap base might be cheaper somewhere else.NO other company does as thorough a job as you do. (Just sorry you moved so darn far away.)

Thanks again,
Sharon Bramscher
N. St. Paul, Minnesota



Comments: I would just like to tell you how happy I am with the shipment of bath salt supplies I just received! My order got to me quickly and in perfect condition. I ordered both the coarse and fine natural sea salt, peppermint candy cane fragrance oil, and your professional red dye. I love everything and I will be ordering again! I made peppermint-scented "Candy Cane Bath Salts" by layering pink & white salts in glass Mason jars. They turned out just super and I'm sure everyone will love them. (I am getting a head-start on Christmas gifts.) Thanks again!

A customer for life,
Carrie Benes
Lincoln, NE



Comments: I just received my order today (fast!) and I've made my first "loaf" this evening - it is picture perfect. The soap was so easy to work with and the scent I chose is wonderful. I embedded colored pieces made from your dyes and clear soap. It looks professional for my first batch. I am definitely a repeat customer.

LuAnn Stipp
Grand Island, NY



Comments: I just had to write & let you you how pleased I am with both grades of bath salts I ordered recently. They are clean & white - just great!! Thanks.

Indulgences by Mary
St Ilion NY



Comments: Hello

I am very pleased with my order. It came super fast. I love the scents and my customers do also. Thanks for your informative web site and your generosity of sharing your knowlede on all areas of soap making including starting a business. I hope to soon! Anyway thanks again. I'm sure I will order again soon.

Best Regards,
Teena Ashley RN
Atlanta, GA



Comments: I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I was with my order. The Soap Miter and cutter sliced right through the loaves! (You knew that right?) That luxurious lotion you were talking about, it's thick. I looked at my bottles and said oh am I going to get this thick lotion into that little opening? Then a light bulb went off. I mixed my lotion and scent in a bowl with a spoon and then scooped them into zipped locked baggies. Snipped off the corner just a tiny bit with scissors and did the old cake icing routine into the bottles stopping to tap down the thick lotion and release air occasionally. Worked great. My products really look professional. Thanks. I will be ordering again soon.

Sarah Stock
Camdenton,, MO



Comments: Your site was the only one that was truly helpful.
Thank you very much.



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